Gaming metaverse METAMINECRAFT

METAMINECRAFT - is a Play2Earn cryptocurrency game based on the famous Minecraft game. Play, build, evolve, capture and conquer the metaverse


Metaminecraft is a continuation of a new generation of beloved pixel toys with the possibility of earning cryptocurrency. You take on the role of a designer and create your own pure pixel metaverse. Remakes the world around you, YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF EVERYTHING


Exploring the terrain, for the emergence of NFT, which expand its ability to manifest invincible.

Discover and explore!


Improve the skills and abilities of the character to get the best land in the metaverse and become its master.

Increase your skills!


Play with your friends, develop your world, capture the lands of other players, earn money and have fun.

Have a fun!

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Metaminecraft (MMC)


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